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What is a strike out?

Some restaurants are struck out of the listings here because they have closed down. We should spend a minute's respectful silence in their memories. Others have been struck out because they have changed categories. We mourn the passing of their style. A few restaurants do not deserve to be struck out. They disappear from these pages without trace.

Guide to Bombay Restaurants

Eating out in Mumbai

Bastani and Co | Gaylord | Yazdan Boulangerienew
Oh Calcutta
Bombay Fast Food
Dwarka | Kailash Parbat | Samovar
Chinese and East Asian
All Stir Frynew | Ling's Pavilion
Bayside Cafe
Swati Snacksnew
Kelkar Vishranti Gruha
Balwas | Delhi Durbar
Parsi and Irani
Britannia | Ideal Corner | Paradise
Ankur | Apoorva | Excellensea | Fountain Inn | Gokul | Mahesh | Trishna | Wall Street
South Indian
Kamat's | Woodside Inn
Thali (Gujarati/Rajasthani)
Purohit | Rajdhani | Samrat