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Colaba Causeway, near Colaba market. Steaks about 85/- [9/02]. Cutlets, soup, spaghetti between 40/- and 60/- [9/02].

This is one of the last remaining Parsi/Irani restaurants in the Colaba area. The quality of the food has remained consistent with what it was 20 years ago. The renovation in 2001 has made the place look light and airy without changing the ambience. This is no mean feat for a renovation: it manages to pull in youngsters without turning away old faithfuls. Even the pictures on the wall remain the same as before; instead of looking dated they now have an air of tongue in cheek kitsch. In all, the newly air-conditioned atmosphere is quite as attractive as the food they serve. At a time when all the old Iranis are selling out to multinational food factory outlets, Paradise is exactly what Mumbai needs.

The sizzlers are good, and come with a variety of vegetables. The steaks are reasonable, although the gravy is always a little too rich for my tastes. The Mexican rice is quite Parsi, and is recommended to those who can take generous amounts of red chili powder in their stride.

The spaghetti is much better than most places in Bombay have to offer. It certainly attracts a large regular clientele. They have three or four sauces, including one called, very surprisingly, a risotto. Don't be misled-- this is spaghetti!

There is one special Parsi dish every evening. Usually they run out of it by 8 in the evening, so be there early if you want it for dinner.

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