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Ideal Corner

On Gunbow Street, Fort. Dhansak 40/-, mousse au chocolate 20/-, caramel custard 15/- [12/95].

The name certainly suits the location, not only because Fort is the ultimate business location for a restaurant that is open only for lunch, but also because this place is an unmissable landmark when you enter from the D. N. Road.

The restaurant manages to pack quite a number of tables into a rather small space without giving a sense of crowding. The round windows of the Hornby View building, and the green and white dado on the wall, contribute to the cheerfully unpretentious air of this restaurant.

There are daily specials, with dhansak being served twice a week. Saturday's special was a chicken ribbon curry. The ribbon refers to the rice which is served in three layers, coloured as in the Indian flag. The chicken was made in coconut milk, a surprisingly cool flavour. The mousse was very good. The lagan nu custard was elevated above the run of the mill by the addition of nuts. It is may even be worth dropping in just for the dessert.

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