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Churchgate, near K.C. College. Thali 70/-, a la carte around 50/- a plate, beer 60/- [7/95].

The best known place for Gujarati thali in south Bombay. If you wander in on a Sunday with no reservation, you may have to wait for an hour just to get in. The food has to be authentic, since there are a large number of Gujarati families waiting for a place every weekend. If you don't want to plan ahead, choose to drop in on a weekday.

I would recommend this thali. The farsan is always interesting. I can't claim to like all the vegetables, but since there are about four of them each day, it does not really matter. There is a choice of puris, rotis and bhakri, but they are glad to serve you all of them. Of course, you get gur with the bhakri. I like the srikhand, and the other dessert is often good. There are plenty of refills of chhaas during the meal.

I have always found the service excellent-- quick and thoughtful without being pushy.

Gujarati: Panchvati Gaurav Purohit Rajdhani Samrat Thali

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