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Near Churchgate. Dinner for two, about 400/-, beer 70/-. Bread from the bakery, 9/- [7/95].

The bakery attached to the restaurant is the part I like best. Whenever I'm in the Churchgate area I make a point of dropping in to pick up some fresh baked bread. They have a variety, and I like most of it. The bakery also sells cakes and desserts. These are recommended.

One of the older restaurants in the area, Gaylord serves both "Continental" and Indian food. Their Continental food is clearly inherited from the English idea of food, overlaid by the tastes of generations of Indians. Its still nice for a change, but its not French food.

The restaurant is divided into two parts, the inside, and the covered area outside. This latter is protected from the traffic by a partition of plants and creepers, and is a pleasant place to drop into for a coffee.

Bakeries: Bastani Gaylord

Continental: Gaylord Trattoria Under the Over

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