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Kelkar Vishranti Gruha

On D. N. Road, near VT. Marathi thali 25/- [10/96], Srikhand Puri 15/- [10/96].

One of the few restaurants in Mumbai which serve Marathi food, Kelkar is well-known to all old Bombayites. Situated close to VT, it seems to draw the office crowd right off the road. Weekday lunch times are crowded, but the wait for a table is never very long.

The four page long menu bristles with all the usual South Indian snacks. It's quite a job to avoid them and go for the real thing. I called for help and the seth himself came along to make his suggestions.

I skipped the Sabudana Usal and the Kanda Thalipith because of the assurance that the thali would not be a South Indian or Gujarati thali. The Srikhand turned out to be made in the house, and quite nicely. The food is good, different, and worth trying out; specially if you haven't had much of Marathi food.

Marathi: Kelkar

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