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Near Reserve bank. Crab 450/- a kilo [2/00], Prawn gassi 150/- [2/00], beer 100/- [2/00].

Of the quartet of sea-food restaurants by which South Bombay is known, Excellensea is the one furthest from the Flora Fountain. It does not stint on anything-- the food is very good, the ambience very noisy, and the service very pushy.

We ordered prawns Koliwada and fish tikka for starters. Instead of taking our order, the waiter suggested squid. We insisted on prawn. He suggested again. We stood firm. Thrice did we refuse, and eventually we got what we wanted. The prawns were good, the fish excellent.

The dinner order was tackled differently. "No, one crab will be too little", we were told. "Each is only about 700 grams, and most of it is shell, in any case". We took two, and spent a good hour wading silently through two kilos of delicious, succulent, extremely well prepared crab hariyali.

Excellensea is highly recommended to fish lovers who know how to be stern.

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