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Woodside Inn

At the Regal end of Wodehouse Road. Dosas about 50/-, fresh fruit juice 45/- [10/04].

Woodside Inn is back after a brief change of name and menu. The midlife crisis has left its mark in the way of a "continental food" page on the menu. The decor has got lighter too. The dark panelling and weird lighting is gone. It looks brighter and more cheerful now. If that isn't a graceful recovery from a crisis, I would like to see one.

Woodside inn always had the best dosas in south Bombay since it opened in the mid-80's. Thankfully, it has no paper masala dosas. Apart from the standard coconut chutney and sambar with the south Indian snacks, they also give the famous gunpowder mixture. The rawa dosas are certainly worth a try.

If you are not a fan of fresh juices then you could try the lassi or a beer. I've seen a lot of french fries going around, but can't say what it is like. Some time perhaps one should try the rest of the food. But the south Indian snacks are so good I can't pass them up.

South Indian snacks: Kamat Dosa Diner Woodside Inn

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