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Created: Jun 95. Updated: May 05.


On Horniman Circle. Snacky lunch for two, about 60/- [5/05].

A quick walk in place of the sort that the Fort area used to abound in, but that is now becoming a rarity. The decor is "Mumbai Utilitarian", laminated tables with two-seater benches, a high ceiling and a staircase to the side leading up to a balcony with another few tables. The cashier sits near the entrance, and keeps an eye on the sometimes efficient staff. Good old fashioned place, liable to disappear before the end of the decade.

I like this as a place for a quick snacky lunch in the middle of an afternoon spent running little chores. I could settle for the ragda pattice, American sev puri or dahi wada on days when only a couple of calories are needed to supplement solar power. On cooler days one could try their dosas, or perhaps even the chole bature or the special Dwarka pulao. Competent food, but unremarkable.