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There are approximately 1000 diagnostic centres, clinics and urban health centres in Bombay. Of these 17 are municipal hospitals. The total number of hospital beds is about 22,000. Medical practitioners have been brought under the Consumer Protection Act.

Municipal Hospitals

Hospital beds daily outpatients
KEM 18004,930
Sion 14041,500
J. J. 13521,500
Nair 12003,000
Peripherals 363310,000

Hospitals with Incinerators

It is estimated that every bed in a hospital generates, on the average, about 2 Kgs of waste every day. This comprises dressings, bandages, anatomical waste, micorbiological refuse and disposable products. Given the number of beds in the city, about 50 metric tons of waste must be generated per day by hospitals and health centres. Three hospitals in the city are known to have incinerators for disposal of organic and inorganic wastes. These are--
Hospital daily waste (Kgs)
Nanavati 1000
Grant Medical 400
Hinduja 600

Contact Numbers for hospitals

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