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Roads and Road Transport

Bombay has 440 vehicles per kilometer of road in the city. Apart from buses, most of the traffic is due to taxis and private vehicles. The average speed of vehicles on every major road in Bombay has fallen in the last 30 years.

Average Speeds on Major Roads (Km/h)

Road 1962 1978 1995
Dr. Ambedkar Road323023
Mohammed Ali Road161416
D. N. Road242413
G. Deshmukh Road482710
Netaji Subhash Road564033


The number of taxis in Bombay is hard to estimate. The RTO claims that there are 30,000 registered taxis in the city. The Bombay Police claim that the number is 44,783. Contradicting both these estimates is the one given by the Bombay Taximen's Union, which records 38,000 taxis in the city.

The RTO registers 40 taxis per day and issues 11 permits for taxis daily. The police estimates that another 25,000 cabs will come on the roads by the middle of 1997.

Private Vehicles

The RTO registers 40 private cars and 33 two-wheelers per day.

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