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My field of research is Theoretical Physics, specifically
Quantum Field Theory and String Theory.

for non-physicists
my pages
String Theory and the Unification of Forces
A non-technical article that I wrote some time ago. This is intended to give the lay person some flavour of the subject of my research: its motivations, successes and goals.

The Theory of Strings: A Detailed Introduction
A longer and more detailed article of mine, still non-technical but somewhat more demanding and perhaps better suited to science students or practising scientists (not necessarily physicists). It might also repay patient reading by a lay person, but I won't swear to that.

Elements of String Theory
An article that I co-authored with Atish Dabholkar and Spenta Wadia when the three of us were organizing the Strings 2001 conference. This was used to inform the press and the general public, who showed immense interest in the conference.

other links
The Second Superstring Revolution
An excellent and systematically presented set of short articles for non-specialists, by one of the discoverers of modern string theory, Professor John Schwarz of Caltech.

The Elegant Universe
Website on the PBS movie, based on Brian Greene's book of the same name.

The "Official" String Theory Website
A fascinating production, with a variety of information on string theory, and a lot of other stuff, presented in a colourful environment with pictures and sounds. I'm not quite sure what's "official" about this site, though...

John Pierre's online introduction to Superstring Theory.

Brian Greene's website
Website of Brian Greene, string theorist and bestselling author of "The Elegant Universe", "The Fabric of the Cosmos" and "The Hidden Reality".

String Theory
A very short summary of string theory by Robbert Dijkgraaf. The illustrations are very nice and there are many links for experts and non-experts.

for physicists
my pages
My Publications
A list of all my physics publications.

Stable non-BPS States and their Holographic Duals
The slides for my talk at Strings 2000, Michigan.

A Little String Theorist's Guide to Indian Classical Music
The slides for my talk (on music!) at Strings 2001, Mumbai.

Strings from Quivers
The slides for my talk at Strings 2002, Cambridge.

New Ways to Make Old Strings
A colloquium I gave at the University of Louisville, Kentucky, in September 2002 to an audience of physicists. This was broadcast on the Access Grid, a video conferencing facility for scientific institutions - or, as the maintainers like to call it, "the ensemble of resources that can be used to support human interaction across the grid"..

Noncommutativity in String Theory
The notes for a short course that I gave at the Prospects in Theoretical Physics programme "Introduction to String Theory", at the Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, in July 2002.

Lectures on Topological Matrix Models
The slides for a pair of lectures that I gave at the Les Houches Summer School on Random Matrices in Physics, June 2004.

Random Matrix Models of String Theory
The slides for a short course that I taught at the Mathematics of String Theory Workshop, Australian National University, July 2006.

LHC for String Theorists
The video recording of a graduate course, essentially on the Minimal Supersymmetric Standard Model (MSSM), that I taught at TIFR during August-December 2006.

Multiple Membrane Dynamics
The slides for my talk at Strings 2008, Geneva. Click here for the video.

Mini-Course on String Theory
The slides for a short course on String Theory that I taught at the SERC school at IIT Guwahati in March 2009. This evolved from courses I delivered in 2003 and 2004 at the British Universities Summer Schools (BUSSTEPP).

Graduate Course on General Relativity
The homepage for a course I taught at TIFR from August-November 2009. You can access the notes as well as the video recording of this course.

Mini-Course on M-theory and Membranes
The slides for a short course on M-theory and membranes that I taught at the Advanced String School in Puri, October 2010. This evolved from a course I had taught in 2009 in Beijing.

Mini-Course on Quantum Field Theory
The lecture notes for a short course on Quantum Field Theory that I taught at the SERC school at BITS Pilani, Goa in October 2010.

"Beyond the Gauge Principle"
The slides for the Subhashis Nag Memorial Endowment Lecture that I delivered at the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai in January 2011.

Graduate Course: Quantum Mechanics 2
The homepage for a course I taught at TIFR from January-May 2011. You can access the notes as well as homework assignments.

other links

Strings 2001
The website of the Strings 2001 conference, held in Mumbai in January 2001. I was one of the coordinators of this activity.

Strings 2002, Cambridge (dead link)
Strings 2003, Kyoto
Strings 2004, Paris
Strings 2005, Toronto
Strings 2006, Beijing (no link)
Strings 2007, Madrid
Strings 2008, Geneva
Strings 2009, Rome
Strings 2010, College Station, Texas
Strings 2011, Uppsala

The Archive
The archive where new research results ("e-prints") in Physics, Mathematics, Nonlinear Science and Computer Science are posted.

SPIRES Database
High energy physics database at Stanford.

Last Updated: June 1, 2011