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Computer Applications


I spent some time putting together a web site on Mumbai in the early days of the web. Keeping this up to date was a horror. If I had to do this today I would have automated right from the beginning. With that experience under the belt, I directed a redesign of the TIFR web site recently. The thinking behind this is documented in a colloquium in TIFR. For good measure you can see the audience fidgeting during the talk in this video

Occasionally I have to give some simple instructions to users on how to protect their identity in the dangerous real world of networks, computers, phones and social media. I put together a simple introduction to on-line security.


You'll spend a lot of time writing up accounts of your work. The best system for doing this is TeX. Here is an example file which some have found useful: compare the source and the pdf output to see what construct gives rise to which effect.

The Mathematica computer algebra system is currently very useful (in spite of its high cost, many people prefer it to its peers, at least for now). Here is a notebook which you can use as a quick Mathematica tutorial.


Here is my dumping yard for code and documentation. You are free to use them: no warranties. Feel free to drop me a line if you improve performance, find an error or generalize some of the code.

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