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The Internet

There is a separate index for all communications services for Mumbai.


Internet services came to India in 1988. Funded jointly by the UNDP and the Department of Electronics, the first service provider was the country-wide ERNET project. Academic institutions were the first clients- first mail, followed soon after by all internet services. As a result, academic and research institutes were the first to serve information through the World Wide Web. Commercial services were started by the VSNL in 1995. Secondary service providers now operate value added services over communication channels leased from VSNL.

Internet service providers

Information about the internet service providers in India. Last edited on April 1997, this page may be a bit dated by now. If you know of more recent data, or are a service provider yourself, please let me know.


Links and network statistics for web servers run by various organisations in Mumbai.

Yellow pages

Links to the web pages of various services in Mumbai: from advertisement agencies to support groups. If you want your business web pages listed, mail me.

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