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Urban Transport

There is a separate page on the history of transport in Bombay.

Suburban Railways

The most heavily used public transport system in Bombay is the suburban railway system. This is administered by the Indian Railways, a government undertaking. Two divisions of IR are involved-- western railways, linking the western suburbs to Churchgate, and the central railways, connecting the eastern suburbs to the Victoria Terminus (VT).

Road Transport

There is an extensive bus service, run by the Bombay Electric Supply and Transport Corporation (BEST). Taxis and other private vehicles make up the rest of urban transport system. There are two major north-south highways running through Bombay, cross linked by other roads at various points. A World Bank loan for improving the transport system in Bombay has been approved recently.

Hovercraft Service

A hovercraft service connects Vashi, in New Bombay, to the Gateway of India. On the west, a hovercraft service links Chowpatty to Juhu.

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