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The Progressive Artists Group (PAG)

© All artwork linked here is copyrighted by the artist, except when explicitly stated otherwise.

The Progressive Artists' Group made a vital contribution to the contemporary art movement in India by consciously seeking a new form which could describe the Indian reality immediately after the country's independence. Founded in 1947, the six founder members were K. H. Ara, S. K. Bakre, H. A. Gade, M. F. Husain, S. H. Raza and F. N. Souza. Souza is credited with the idea of forming this Group. It held many exhibitions together and was dissolved in 1956.

The list of artists associated with the PAG includes almost all the important artists working in Bombay in the 50's. Apart from the six founder members, one can also count among the associated artists V. S. Gaitonde, Krishen Khanna, Akbar Padamsee, Tyeb Mehta, Ram Kumar and Bal Chabda.