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Rama Kamath

Born: ?
Died: 1720, Bombay, India.

Rama Kamath is among the first of the long list of Bombay's rich businessmen and philanthropists. The records of his life are scanty. He was connected with the command of Indian troops under the British and had some connections with Kanhoji Angre.

It is known that he paid for the reconstruction of the Walkeshwar Temple in 1715 and also donated a temple on Parsi Bazaar Street. He was clearly friendly with the British, since he is on record as one of the honoured guests at the inauguration of St. Thomas' on Christmas Day, 1718.

However this did not prevent governor Boone from arresting him in 1720 on charges of conspiracy, and torturing him with thumb screws. After he died in prison it was discovered that the most important evidence against him was a forgery. Reparations were paid to his son.