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Sources and Related Material

Off-line Resources

Much of the information in these pages is gleaned from off-line resources. A significant fraction comes from newspapers. Some of these articles have been archived. Autobiographies and scholarly biographies are specially useful as historical sources. Maps and guide books for Bombay, from different times, are also useful sources of information. Finally, the following books were extremely useful, and are highly recommended reading--

The best fiction often gives the clearest picture of life in the city. Fortunately, Mumbai is the background to several wonderful novels and the subject of good reportage. A short selection--

On-line Resources

Many other pages on Bombay have become available since 1995. The oldest (predating even these pages) was Manish Doshi's now extinct "The Gateway of India". The best named of all is Mumbai Central. Then there is the very useful There are also several city newspapers on-line.