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Raja Bhimdev

Raja Bhimdev's origins are obscure. He may have come from Anahilwada-Patan in Gujarat or from the dynasty of Yadavs in Deogiri. He founded a kingdom with its capital in Mahikawati, modern day Mahim. He is built a palace and a court of justice in Prabhadevi, as well as the first Babulnath temple. The god is named after the Babul trees which were the main components of a forest covering the low-lying areas of this island.

During his reign he is supposed to have brought Pathare Prabhus, Palshis, Pachkalshis, Bhandaris, Vadvals, Bhois, Agris and Brahmins to these islands. The Bhandaris were originally toddy trappers; the Vadvals were gardeners. He introduced many fruit-bearing trees, including coconut palms to the island.