September — December, 2006

All photos © Sourendu Gupta
Welcome to Ali Muhammad's house
A healthy diet of fruits
A kite runner
Up against a wall
Dog day afternoon
Sailesh Ice Dish
Time flies
Morning smog over the Hooghly
Strange insect
Take me to your leader!
The pollinator
The sea, a sunset and haze
Garden lizard
Push ups
Here's looking at you
Full spectrum sunset with ships
Portrait of a dragonfly
Dragon in the morning
Dragon wings
New Empire
Casino Royale @ New Empire
Before the crossing
Climbing Jasmine
Budding marigold
Grasshopper and colander
Diwali market
Open billed stork
Spotted dove on electric wire
Open billed stork
A pair of doves preening in a papaya tree
Wild Canna
Squirrel on a lime tree
Bhai Dooj
Hibiscus: pistil and stamen
Diwali market
Crossing the Ganga
The common evening brown butterfly
White golden edged moth
White golden edged moth
The green-leaf moth
A long legged insect
The Kashmiri rug moth
Patterned brown moth
Brown and black moth
Spotted brown moth
Stippled cream moth
Beet webworm moth
Don't you read signs? No Photography!
Discovering a bug late at night
An expert fries malpuas
Getting the display right
Making roti
Buying phirni
Waiting for the malpuas
A busy night during Ramzan
Life is a struggle
Finding a gap
Corrugated metal sheets and tree
Corrugated metal sheets and people
The guard
Twilight with late monsoon clouds
Sunset through late monsoon clouds
A pink sunset
Ajwain leaves
Trick or treat?
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