May — August, 2007

All photos © Sourendu Gupta
Where's your sting?
A quiet drink
Thorn flower
Greening from year to year
Butterfly at Bhushi
The seller of ocarina
On art
Flora and friend: crossed lines
After the deluge
Memories of another sea
Honkers bonkers
Watery sunset
Monsoon with palms and egret
Ridge gourd in the making
Bombay bug
High summer sun
Halcyon days
Sunflower with butterfly
A good vintage
The pioneer
Hold my place at the bar
A working bee
Wasp in yellow
Pumpkin sipper
Red on yellow
Fly on a pumpkin leaf
On top of the world
Pumpkin spiral
Unidentified Fruiting Objects
Black-necked cranes
Two headed bird
Menora pine
Unidentified Flowering Object
Spotted moth at the Kyichu Lakhang
Pink rhododendron
Orange rhododendron
Himalayan path
Chele-la chorten
Red as a Rhodo
Prayers on the wing
Magic forest
The tiger's lair
Paro dzong at night
A stern taskmaster
Red-billed choughs
Butterfly on stone
Cactus flower
Magnolia blossom
A lion pillar
Gong in a dzong
Common Myna
Monks in a dzong
Punakha Dzong
Evening in Thimphu
Daisy and Wasp
Himalayan Wild Rose
9 to 5 in Bhutan
Exit the dzong
Lasciate ogne speranza
Sleeping dog (2)
Faith turns wheels
Sleeping dog (1)
A lion on a leash
Happy hours
Such a long journey
Blue pine
Gargoyles look different in Bhutan
Main Street, Paro, Bhutan
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