September — December, 2011

All photos © Sourendu Gupta
Bad hair day
Child with bucket
A cultivated field
The yellow tower
The tower and the bridge over the Yangtze
Shopping in China
Closed for the day
Chinese garden in November
Window dressing
The evening rush hour
Flea market, Wuhan
Wuhan, China
Eight tigers
Butting heads
Dragon in the sea
After sunset on Marine Drive, Orissa
After sunset on Marine Drive, Orissa
Jagannath of Puri
Dark forest green
Wishing you a prosperous and joyful diwali
Pole dancer
Kala chakra
Rolling in
Mumbai on the rocks
Breaching the water
Colour on the run
Up in the air
A blue wedge
It's a great day outside
In the last light of the day
How to train your dragon
Should we have our photo taken?
White leaf
Cattle egret, grazing
Monsoon clouds
Stone and velvet
Memories of a great dome
The donkey and the dream-tree
Grasshopper in a bowl
Queen of the bush
Sunlight, raindrops, flower
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