January — April, 2009

All photos © Sourendu Gupta
Saint Chapelle
À la recherche du temps perdu
Upward spiral
Paris: an urban landscape
Paris in primaries
Boats with a passenger
Stonechat and jungle
A chocolate tiger
Two beauties
Bicycle stand
Yellow and red rot
Happy birthday, Ira
Grey pansy walking
Twilight descends on Kaziranga
Sunset in Kaziranga
Silk cotton bloom
Moth in hiding
Red dragon
Landscape with smoke
Morning dew
Indian cabbage white
Jia bhoroloi
Assam below
Mouldy leaf
Waiting for the boat home
In a mustard field
Common Laskar
The knight
Common castor
Common five ring
Leaf and moth
A morning's glory
Through a green leaf
Madonna with child
Greater Adjutant Stork
Crossing the Brahmaputra
Basking palmfly
Yellow, orange and green
Beetle nuzzling a dahlia
Stained glass brunch
Green and red
Morning glory, the evening before
Light, colour, shape
In a tailor's box
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