September — December, 2009

All photos © Sourendu Gupta
Self portrait without a head
Gold and water
Star aniseed
Tree and temple
First light
Cormorant on bamboo
Elephant at bath
Stag on a misty morning
Silk and light
The Taj Palace Hotel
Gateway of India
Candle light
Silent night
Grass and yellow
Mute echo
Sandal shop and shopkeeper
The gathering storm
A shop of one's own
Here's lookin at you, kid
Because it is there
Before the storm
Blue mountain, white florets
An autumn afternoon by the high road
High meadows
Shades of gray
Spiky and lady
Breaking up is hard to do
Go right
Gathering purple
Ramzan: busy street at night
A monsoon sunset
Flowering tulsi
Blue sky at night
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