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Administrative and Planning Organisations

Bombay Electric Supply and Transport (BEST)

With its fleet of buses, it handles a major part of road transport in Bombay. It is also responsible for power supply to the city and its eastern suburbs.

Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC)

It is an elected body which takes care of amenities like water supply and sanitation. It also lays down rules governing construction and zoning in the city.

Bombay Suburban Electric Supply (BSES)

The BSES is responsible for power supply to the western suburbs north of Bandra.

Indian Postal Service

It maintains the post and telegraph services. Private courier services are independent of this organisation.

Indian Railways (IR)

The IR handles the suburban railway system in Bombay, as well as long distance trains into and out of the city.

Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA)

MHADA is supposed to construct and sell housing units to low and middle income groups.

Maharashtra Industrial Development Corporation (MIDC)

The MIDC screens and allots land for new industries.

Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPBC)

MPCB is responsible for monitoring pollution levels by industries and forcing them to comply with the laws.

Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL)

MTNL is responsible for telephone service and data lines in the city. It also limits the rates which can be charged by private service providers.

Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA)

It is the apex body coordinating the work of five municipal corporations and fifteen municipal councils over the 4355 sq kms which make up the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. See the MMRDA Home page for more details.

Mumbai Police Force

The police is responsible for maintaining law and order in the city.

Mumbai Port Trust (MPT)

The MPT provides and runs Bombay's port services, and thus handles 20% of India's sea trade. The 727 hectares of land that it still owns, partially reclaimed during the early 20th century, makes it the city's biggest landlord. See the Mumbai Port Trust Official page for more details.

Road Transport Office (RTO)

The RTO is responsible for the registration of vehicles and other matters pertaining to road transport. Net references or other information are welcome.

Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL)

The VSNL was incorporated in 1956 and operates gateway centres in the four main cities to provide international telecom services to Indian customers.