Girgaum and Khetwadi

See also the overview of the Inner City.

Girgaum, at the foot of the Malabar Hill, takes its name from the Sanskrit words giri (mountain) and grama (village). Khetwadi, originally an area with a sparse population living off agriculture and plantations, developed in the mid 19th century with the widening of Parel Road and the Girgaum Road (then called the Breach Candy Road). In 1839 Grant Road was completed, leading to a large migration of people into this area.

There are a large number of small and big temples in this area. The most well-known is Thakurdwar, built by the ascetic Atmaram Baba who died in 1838. The Kalbadevi temple, dedicated to Kali, was moved to its present site from its original location in Mahim sometime during the rule of the Gujarati Sultans. The Dady Sett Agiary was built in 1783 and the Hormusji Wadia fire temple in 1830.

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