Elementary Particle Physics (Autumn 2019) - Part 2

The second part of Elementary Particle Physics course contains an introduction to the Standard Model of Particle Physics. The course will focus on experimental discoveries and underlying theoretical description. A course in Quantum Field Theory is beneficial, though not a strict pre-requisite.

The grading of the course is 25% mid-sem, 25% end-sem, 30% assignments and 20% presentations. The first and second part of the course will carry equal weight. The mid-sem (on 28 Sep) will test you on the subject matter taught by Kajari Majumdar.

Your TAs for the course are: Arnab Roy and Soumen Halder.
Please contact them or me if you do not understand the assignments well before the submission deadline. The course will have 6 assignments, of which 5 best scores will be counted towards your grade.

Course Contents and recommended textbooks

  1. How do we describe fundamental interactions: Lagrangians, Symmetries and Noether Theorem
  2. Understanding the structure of the proton: deep inelastic scattering
  3. Strong force: Quantum Chromodynamics and LHC collision events
  4. Massive force carriers: symmetry breaking, Higgs Mechanism
  5. Electro-weak force, beta decay and meson decays: SU(2) x U(1) theory
  6. Fermion masses: CKM matrix, neutrino masses
The course will not follow a single book but the following textbooks may be useful to consult:
  1. Quarks & Leptons, F. Halzen and A. D. Martin
  2. The Experimental Foundations of Particle Physics, R. Cahn and G. Goldhaber
  3. Quantum Field Theory and the Standard Model, M. Strassler
  4. Weak Interactions and Modern Particle Theory, H. Georgi

The Review of Particle Physics collects up-to-date information on all particle physics observables and is accompanied by dedicated review articles. The latest version can always be found at PDG Live.

Homework Problems

  1. Assignment 1 [PDF]
  2. Assignment 2 [PDF]
  3. Assignment 3 [PDF]

Important dates

  1. Final Exam: 20 November
  2. Student presentations: 27 November
  3. All assignments due before: 27 November

Lecture Schedule and notes

Date Topic Notes
16 Sep Lagrangians and Noether theorem [PDF]
18 Sep Groups and Representations [PDF]
23 Sep Groups and Representations
25 Sep Gauge Transformations and covariant derivative [PDF]
30 Sep No Class
2 Oct Holiday -- Gandhi Jayanti
7 Oct Higgs Mechanism for U(1) and SU(2)
9 Oct SU(2) x U(1) Lagrangian [PDF]
14 Oct No Class
16 Oct No Class
21 Oct EW Fermion couplings & Fermion masses with the Higgs [PDF]
23 Oct DIS and Parton Distribution Functions
28 Oct DIS and Parton Distribution Functions Chap. 8 & 9 of Halzen and Martin
30 Oct QCD Lagrangian & 3 jet cross section [PDF]
4 Nov QCD Lagrangian & 3 jet cross section Also see assignment 2 for calculation algorithm
6 Nov Fermion masses and CKM Matrix [PDF]
11 Nov Neutrino masses & mixing
13 Nov