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Theoretical Physics Colloquium

Department of Theoretical Physics, TIFR

The theoretical physics colloquia are held on Tuesday at 4:00 PM in the Lecture Room AG 69.

May 5 Sudhir Jain BARC Making the sound visible
Feb 23 Abhijit Gadde IAS, Princeton Geometry of dualities
Feb 16 Kalman Szabo Forschungszentrum Juelich Calculating the neutron-proton mass difference
Feb 10 M. Muthukumar University of Massachusetts, Amherst Menagerie of Viruses: Organizing Principles of Virus Assembly
Feb 3 R. Loganayagam IAS, Princeton Lorentz Anomaly and fluid dynamics
Dec 30 Sayantan Sharma Brookhaven National Lab. Many more charm at the freezeout?
Dec 16 Ravin Bhatt Princeton University Large disorder and localization
Nov 11 Karthik Inbasekar TIFR Duality in supersymmetric Chern-Simons matter theories
Oct 28 Tridib Sadhu CEA, Saclay, France Macroscopic fluctuation theory and its application
Oct 13 Arun Paramekanti University of Toronto Topological states and quantum phase transitions in spin orbit coupled systems
Sep 23 Anupam Kundu LPTMS, Paris Stochastic thermodynamics of a pair of magnetic colloids, estimation of dissipation and feedback control
Sep 9 Shamik Banerjee IPMU, Univ. of Tokyo Conformal Anomaly Matching and Exact Results for Entanglement Entropy
Aug 26 Subhro Bhattacharjee Max Plank Institute Dresden Quantum Spin Liquids
Aug 19 Manas Kulkarni Princeton University Collective far-from-equilibrium behavior in quantum gases: Open and Closed Systems
Aug 5 Shamik Gupta LPTMS, Paris Thermodynamics and dynamics of systems with long-range interactions
Jul 15 David Vanderbilt Rutgers University, USA Introduction to the theory of topological insulators
Jul 8 Dibyendu Roy Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA Strongly interacting photons in one-dimensional free space
May 6 Basudeb Dasgupta ICTP, Trieste The Nature of Dark Matter
Apr 29 Arnab Sen IACS, Kolkata Some Aspects of Coulomb Spin Liquids
Apr 22 Suvrat Raju ICTS, TIFR, Bangalore The Information Paradox and the black hole interior in AdS/CFT
Apr 1 Shravan Hanasoge TIFR Imaging the 3-D Interior of the Sun
Mar 4 Deepak Dhar TIFR Modelling Proportionate growth
Feb 17 Aneesh V. Manohar University of California, San Diego Standard Model Effective Theory and Higgs Physics
Jan 7 Alexandre Refregier ETH Zurich Unveiling the Dark Universe
Dec 10 Stefan Sint Trinity College, Dublin Towards precision results in lattice Quantum Chromo Dynamics
Dec 5 Atish Dabholkar Sorbonne University, Paris, France Quantum Black Holes: An IR window into UV physics
Nov 26 Rajeev Bhalerao TIFR Extreme QCD in the LHC Era
Nov 19 Ravin Bhatt IAS, Princeton Electrons in Flatland: Recent Developments and New Vistas
Nov 12 Ross McKenzie University of Queensland, Australia Frustrated Mott insulators: from quantum spin liquids to superconductors
Oct 29 Amit Datta Quantum criticality, quenches and the Loschmidt echo TBA
Oct 22 Rishi Khatri MPA, Munich The information hidden in the shape of the cosmic microwave background spectrum
Oct 8 Jean-Paul Blaizot IPhT-CEA Saclay, France Thermalization of the quark-gluon plasma and Bose-Einstein condensation in unusual circumstances
Oct 1 Auditya Sharma International Institute of Physics - UFRN, Natal, Brazil Vector Spin Glasses
Sep 17 Tanmoy Das Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos,USA Engineering topological insulator, Weyl semimetal and spin-orbit order in a layer by layer approach
Sep 9 Gert Aarts Swansea Univ. How to climb Mount Everest: the QCD sign problem at finite density
Aug 20 E.C.G. Sudarshan U. Texas, Austin TCP Invariance in Quantum Field Theory
Jun 18 Sushanta Dattagupta Visva-Bharati, Santiniketan Two Centuries of Diffusion
May 7 Justin David CHEP, IISc Transport in strongly coupled field theories
Apr 9 Gautam Mandal TIFR Aspects of large N QCD phase diagrams and AdS/CFT
Apr 2 Aseem Paranjape ETH, Zurich Counts, Clustering & Collapse: Analytical Methods for Large Scale Structure
Mar 26 Abhishek Dhar ICTS, TIFR Puzzles in the theory of heat conduction in low-dimensional systems
Mar 12 Manoj Kaplinghat University of California, Irvine Is the dark matter particle a WIMP?
Feb 26 Xavier Viennot CNRS, France 3^n
Feb 5 Rajibul Islam Harvard University Probing many body physics with cold atom quantum simulators
Jan 8 Arvind Ayyer University of California, Davis Algebraic and Combinatorial Aspects of Multispecies Exclusion Processes
Dec 18 Esteban Roulet Bariloche, Argentina PeV neutrinos from the propagation of ultra-high energy cosmic rays
Dec 4 Suman Bhattacharyya Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics, Chicago Cosmology with the South Pole Telescope
Nov 27 Anirban Sain IIT Mumbai Physics of cell division
Nov 20 Jean-Yves Ollitrault IPhT Saclay, France Observing a small fluid and its fluctuations at the LHC
Oct 16 Urjit A. Yajnik IIT Bombay Through the looking glass : mere mirage or a road not taken?
Oct 9 Basudeb Dasgupta Ohio State University The Hunt for Dark Matter
Sep 25 P. K. Mohanty SINP, Kolkata Fixed-Energy Sandpiles Belong Generically to Directed Percolation
Sep 11 Shiraz Minwalla TIFR Towards a framework for Hydrodynamics
Aug 28 Subroto Mukerjee IISc, Bangalore Exotic phases of bosons in one dimensional optical lattices
Aug 14 Sreerup Raychaudhuri TIFR Theoretical Perspectives on a 125 GeV Higgs Boson
Aug 7 Nissim Kanekar NCRA, Pune Do the Fundamental Constants change with Time ?
Jul 31 Mukund Rangmani Durhham University, UK The black hole membrane paradigm redux
Jul 24 Rishi Sharma TRIUMF, Canada Aspects of neutron superfluidity in the neutron star inner crust
July 3 Krishnendu Sengupta Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science, Kolkata Dynamcis of bosonic cold atoms in optical lattices
June 26 R. Shankar Institute of Mathemtical Sciences, Chennai Timescales in the response of Himalayan Glaciers to Climate Change
June 5 Shailesh Chandrasekharan Duke University, USA The Fermion Sign Problem : Some New Solutions
May 22 Aninda Sinha IISc, Bangalore The strongly coupled quark gluon plasma and the AdS/CFT correspondence
May 16 Manish Jain Univ. of California, Berkeley, USA Quantum Theory of Materials: Methods and Applications
May 15 Srubabati Goswami PRL, Ahmedabad TeV scale Left-Right Symmetry and Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay
May 8 Anjan Ananda Sen Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi Late time acceleration and Dark Energy Model building
May 1 Biswarup Mukhopadhyay HRI, Allahabad Low Missing Energy and New Physics: to Miss or Not to Miss
Apr 17 Ben Allanach Cambridge University Hide and Seek With Supersymmetry at the Large Hadron Collider
Apr 10 Daniel Elander TIFR Walking Technicolor & AdS/CFT
Mar 27 Vikram Tripathi TIFR Impurity effects in the honeycomb lattice Kitaev model
Mar 6 Carlos J. Bolech University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA Cold Atomic Gases and the Quest for Polarized Superfluids
Feb 28 Tuhin S. Roy University of Washington, USA New Horizons in Jet Substructure and Boosted Physics @ LHC
Feb 21 Pragya Shukla IIT Kharagpur Superluminal neutrino: a quantum weak measurement effect?
Feb 20 Gunnar Bali Regensburg University QCD in an external magnetic field
Feb 14 Satya Majumdar Univ. of Paris Entanglement Entropy of a Random Pure State
Feb 13 John Chalker Oxford University The dynamics of integer quantum Hall edge states far from equilibrium
Jan 24 Jean-Paul Blaizot IPhT, Saclay, France Extreme states of matter and ultra-relativistic heavy ion collisions
Dec 5 Govardhan Reddy University of Maryland Growth of Amyloid Fibrils
Nov 30 Eiichiro Komatsu University of Texas, Austin Critical Tests of Theory of the Early Universe using the Cosmic Microwave Background
Nov 29 Surhud More KICP, Univ. of Chicago Galaxy-Dark Matter Connection: A cosmological perspective (Joint Theoretical Physics - Astronomy and Astrophysics Seminar)
Nov 22 S. Uma Sankar IIT Bombay and TIFR Large $\theta_{13}$ in lepton sector, and its consequences
Nov 15 Amit Yadav IAS, Princeton (Aryabhata Lecture): Probing the Physics of the Early Universe
Nov 8 Rajdeep Sensarma Univ. of Maryland Dynamics with Cold Atoms: Near and Far from Equilibrium
Oct 25 Suhas Gangadharaiah University of Basel Majorana Edge States in Interacting One-Dimensional Systems
Sep 20 Sourendu Gupta TIFR The phase diagram of strongly interacting matter
Sep 13 Matthew Luzum Institut de Physique Theorique, Saclay, France Flow and flow fluctuations in relativistic heavy-ion collisions
Sep 12 Tirthankar Roy Choudhury HRI, Allahabad Probing the Universe through Neutral Hydrogen Distribution
Aug 16 Ribhu Kaul Univ. of Kentucky Status of Quantum Criticality: Experiments, Models and Theory
Aug 9 Rahul Roy Oxford University Topological insulators and adiabatic cycles
Aug 8 Sumanta Tewari Clemson University Majorana fermions, non-Abelian statistics, and topological quantum computation using semiconductors
Jul 11 Ue-Li Pen CITA, Toronto 21cm Cosmology
Jul 5 Girish Agarwal Oklahoma State University Super Resolution and Beating Shot Noise Limit by Entangled Photons
Jun 28 Nandini Trivedi The Ohio State University Superfluid with unequal populations of up and down fermions
June 14 Arvind Ayyer Univ. of California, Davis Two Species Open Exclusion Processes
May 31 Sreerup Raychaudhuri TIFR The Wjj Anomaly at CDF: Who Ordered That?
May 9 Kedar Damle TIFR Geometrically frustrated antiferromagnets
May 3 Debajyoti Choudhury Delhi Univ. Getting to the bottom of things through the top
Apr 26 R. Shankar IMSc, Chennai The topology of electronic bands and topological order
Apr 12 Sameer Murthy TIFR Exact quantum entropy of black holes
Mar 24 Arun Paramekanti University of Toronto Bilayer graphene: Domain walls, superlattices, and implications for transport
Mar 15 Philip Candelas Oxford University Periods of Calabi-Yau Manifolds in Physics and Number Theory
Mar 8 Martin Evans University of Edinburgh Models of Switching in Biophysical Contexts
Feb 28 V. M. Kenkre University of New Mexico Theory of Abrupt Transitions in Biological/Ecological Systems Arising from Interplay of Nonlinearity and Inhomogeneity
Feb 7 Carleton Detar University of Utah Quarkonium mass splittings fromlattice QCD
Feb 1 Suman Bhattacharya Los Alamos National Laboratory New Techniques to Measure Velocities in Our Universe
Jan 18 Holger Nielsen Niels Bohr Institute, Denmark Proposing a principle for finetuning
Jan 11 Anthony Leggett University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Introduction to High Energy Low Temperature Physics
Dec 24 at 4:00 p.m. Xerxes Tata University of Hawaii Supersymmetry, LHC and Dark Matter
Dec 21 at 2:30 p.m. Steven Gottlieb Indiana University Future of lattice calculations with staggered sea quarks
Dec 7 at 2:30 p.m. John D. Weeks University of Maryland Taming Coulomb interactions in models for ions and water
Dec 7 at 4:00 p.m. Bulbul Chakraborty Brandeis University The Jamming Transition in Granular Materials
Nov 16 Tridib Sadhu TIFR Pattern formation in growing sandpiles
Nov 11 Vishwesha Guttal Princeton University The evolution of animal grouping and collective motion
Oct 27 Krishnendu Sengupta IACS, Kolkata Aspects of Dirac physics in Graphene
Oct 5 Deepak Dhar TIFR Equation of state of a model glass
Jul 13 Henk van Beijeren Utrecht University Grand ensemble result for the Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process with many species
Jun 29 Subhabrata Majumdar TIFR Galaxy Clusters as Cosmic Probes
Jun 9 Anirban Basu IOP, Bhubaneswar Recursive Structures in String Theory
Jun 1 Vadim Oganesyan City University, New York Dissipationless Nernst effect
May 25 Saurabh Rindani PRL, Ahmedabad Polarization as a tool for learning new physics
May 18 Parthasarathi Majumdar SINP, Kolkata Holography, gravity-gauge theory link and black hole entropy
Apr 27 Sameer Murthy LPTHE, France Towards a complete understanding of black hole entropy
Apr 7 Surjeet Sengupta IACS, Kolkata A phase ordering viewpoint for fracture
Feb 23 Steen Hannestad U. of Aarhus, Denmark Neutrino physics from precision cosmology
Feb 15 Mikko Laine Bielefeld University, Germany The pressure of hot QCD
Feb 16 Georg Raffelt Max Planck institute for Physics, Munich, Germany Axions: Motivation, Cosmological Role, and Experimental Searches
Feb 10 David Mukamel Weizmann Institute, Israel Effective long-range interactions in driven non-equilibrium systems
Feb 2 Satya Majumdar Univ. of Paris Convex Hull of N planar Brownian Motions: Exact Results and an Application to Ecology
Jan 28 Gianni Blatter ETH-Zurich, Switzerland Wave-packet Formalism of Full Counting Statistics
Jan 19 Julia Yeomans Oxford University Hydrodynamic interactions between microswimmers
Jan 15 Gyan Bhanot Rutgers Univ. and IAS, Princeton Is there evidence for selection in functional pathways across chromosomes?
Jan 13 Ritesh K. Singh Wuerzburg University A bottom-up reconstruction of new physics at Large Hadron Collider
Jan 12 Rajdeep Sen Sarma Maryland University From Cold Atoms to Complex Materials: Opportunities and Challenges
Dec 23 (at 2:00 p.m. in AG66) Ora Entin-Wohlman Ben Gurion University, Israel Effect of pair-breaking on superconductivity and on persistent currents well above ${\bf T_c}$
Dec 23 (at 2:45 p.m. in AG66) Amnon Aharony Ben Gurion University and Tel Aviv University, Israel Writing and reading spin information on mobile electronic qubits
Dec 15 Rainer Fries Texas A&M Univ. Collisions of Nuclei: New Ideas for Hard Probes
Dec 8 (at 11:30 a.m.) Nandini Trivedi Ohio State University Hubbard Models and Ultracold atom experiments: What can we learn from the dialog?
Dec 8 Nu Xu LBL, USA Exploring the QCD Phase Diagram in High-Energy Nuclear Collisions at RHIC
Nov 24 Pradeep Kumar Mohanty Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata Building Blocks of Cellular Functions
Nov 17 Ronald Dickman Univ. Federale de Minas Gerais, Brazil Effect of Diffusing Disorder on an Absorbing-State Phase Transition
Nov 10 Probir K. Bondopadhyay Rural World Communications, Houston, USA From J.C. Bose to S.N. Bose -- Progress of Science Research in India before Homi J. Bhabha
Nov 6 Suvrat Raju HRI, Allahabad The Next-to-Simplest Quantum Field Theories
Nov 3 J. Srinivasan Divecha Centre for Climate Change, IISc, Bangalore The Science and Politics of Climate Change
Oct 27 Jean-Yves Ollitrault SPHT, Saclay, France Hydrodynamics and fluctuations in relativistic heavy-ion collisions
Oct 20 (at 11:00 a.m.) Thomas Vojta Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA Infinite-randomness quantum critical points induced by dissipation
Oct 20 Balachandran Sathiapalan Inst. of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai The BTZ black hole and Luttinger Liquids
Sep 29 Sumit Das University of Kentucky, USA Spins, Gauge Fields and Lifshitz points
Sep 17 Sudeep Das Princeton University, USA CMB Lensing: A New Tool for Cosmology and Astrophysics
Sep 15 Sachindeo Vaidya Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore Quantum Signatures of Spacetime "Graininess"
Sep 1 Ronojoy Adhikari IMSc, Chennai Markov chain model for the Indus script
Aug 25 Nilmani Mathur TIFR Recent results on hadron spectra from lattice QCD
Aug 18 Diptiman Sen IISc, Bangalore The Kitaev model
Jul 28 Avinash Dhar TIFR Four-fermi theory at a non-Lorentz invariant fixed point
Jul 21 Saumen Datta TIFR SU(N) Gauge Theory Thermodynamics from Lattice
Jul 7 Arnab Sen TIFR Geometrically frustrated magnets
Jul 2 Mustafa Abdulkader Amin MIT Probing gravity/dark energy on cosmological scales
Jun 30 Shailesh Chandrasekharan Duke University Quantum Mechanics and the Computational Challenges for the Twenty-first Century
Apr 28 Cesar Gomez Universidad Autonoma, Madrid, Spain Gravity, species and information
Apr 21 Gustavo Branco IST Lisbon, Portugal The Flavour Puzzle
Apr 9 Siddhartha Lal University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Ordering and Frustration in strongly correlated chain systems
Mar 10 Satya Majumdar Universite de Paris-Sud, Orsay, France Extreme Eigenvalues of Random Matrices
Feb 24 Robin Stinchcombe Oxford University Universal and non-universal critical dynamics in driven systems
Feb 17 R. Shankar Matscience, Chennai Himalayan Glaciers and Climate Change
Ganga Aaye Kahan Se ? Gaumukh Jaaye Kahan Re ?
Feb 10 Aparna Baskaran Syracuse University Bacteria as a fluid: Applying the materials physics paradigm to biology
Feb 2 K. Sridhar TIFR Spissitudinal Explorations
Jan 20 Raymond Bishop University of Manchester Journeys to and in quantum phase space: extended quantum phase-space formulations of quantum many-body theory and quantum information theory
Jan 16 Carl M. Bender Washington University, St. Louis, USA Ghostbusting: Reviving quantum theories that were thought to be dead
Jan 13 Shrihari Gopalakrishna Brookhaven National Lab, USA New Physics Expectations at the Large Hadron Collider
Jan 9 Sinya Aoki University of Tsukuba Nuclear force from lattice QCD
Sep 23 G. Venketeswara Pai Technion - Israel Institute of Technology Two-fluid Model of Colossal Magnetoresistive Manganites
Sep 16 Mofazzal Azam BARC Proposal for an experiment to search for the effects of Randall-Sundrum type corrections to Newton's law of gravitation
Sep 9 Dietrich Bodeker Bielefeld University QCD plasma instabilities
Sep 4 Dipak Munshi University of Cambridge Constraining Cosmology with Cosmic Microwave Background Surveys
Aug 5 Anil Shaji University of New Mexico Quantum metrology from an information theory perspective
Jun 24 Shamik Gupta TIFR Dynamics of fluctuations in driven diffusive systems: finite-size effects
May 27 Sudarshan Ananth IISER Pune Perturbative relations between gauge theory and gravity
May 13 Manoj Gopalakrishnan HRI, Allahabad Olfactory signal transduction: how feedback controls noise
May 6 Sriram Ramaswamy Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore Active matter: order, fluctuations, instabilities
Apr 22 Sudipta Maiti TIFR Protein misfolding and the generation of toxic nanoclusters
Apr 15 R. Rajesh The Inst. of Math. Sciences, Chennai Statistics of Driven Dissipative Systems: Kolmogorov laws >
Mar 12 Raja Paul University of California, Davis Mechanical regulation of cell contractility and spontaneous cell patterning
Mar 11 John Cardy Oxford University Quantum Quenches in Extended Systems
Mar 6 Anirban Chakraborti Banaras Hindi University, Varanasi An Outlook on Econophysics (in room AG80)
Feb 19 Adi R. Bulsara SPAWAR Systems Center, San Diego Coupling nonlinear oscillators for fun and profit
Feb 15 (Friday) at 11:00 a.m. in A-304 Rohini Godbole Centre for High Energy Physics, IISc, Bangalore Determining the CP properties of the Higgs boson
Jan 22 Sanjib Sabhapandit LPTMS, Orsay, France Integer partitions and exclusion statistics: Limit shapes and the largest part of Young diagrams
Jan 8 Rana Biswas Iowa State University of Science and Technology, Ames Three dimensional photonic crystals- advances and recent applications (Joint DCMP/DTP Colloquium)
Dec 18 Pinaki Sengupta Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA Geometric frustration and quantum magnetism
Dec 11 (at 2:30 p.m.) Subroto Mukerjee University of California at Berkeley Spinor condensates: Phase transitions, vortex lattices and dynamics
Nov 20 Mandar Deshmukh TIFR Paper and pencil experiments
Nov 13 Deepak Dhar TIFR Exact entropy of dimer coverings for a class of lattices in three or more dimensions
Nov 6 Sunil Mukhi TIFR Blackhole breakup and dyon decay
Oct 16 Harald Fritzsch University of Munich Flavor Symmetries, Flavor Mixing, Neutrino Masses and Neutrino Mixing
Oct 9 Shiraz Minwalla TIFR Large Rotating Black Holes from Fluid Dynamics
Sep 18 Hiranmaya Mishra PRL, Ahmedabad Gapless superconductivity -- from quark matter to cold atoms
Sep 11 Probir Roy TIFR Majorana phases and renormalization group evolution in neutrino mixing
Aug 27 Subhabrata Majumdar TIFR Astrophysical Probes of Dark Energy
Aug 21 Saumen Datta TIFR Lattice Study of the Thermal Phase Transition in QCD
Aug 7 Kumar Raman University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign On the construction of microscopic models with exotic phases
Jul 17 Jean-Yves Ollitrault Saclay, France RHIC results and the viscosity of hot QCD
May 24 Michael Berry Bristol University Physics of nonhermitian degeneracies
May 15 K.J. Thomas University of Cambridge Wigner Crystallisation in a Weakly-Confined Quantum Wire
May 1 Sakuntala Chatterjee TIFR Nonequilibrium Probes in Driven Diffusive Systems
Apr 10 Abhijit Bandyopadhyay TIFR Constraints on flavor-dependent long range forces from neutrino experiments
Mar 27 Deepak Dhar TIFR Orientational ordering of long rods on a lattice
Mar 20 Vikram Tripathi TIFR Anomalous thermal transport in granular metals
Mar 13 Marcos Gonzalez Gaitan University of Geneva Kinetics of morphogen gradient formation: development, cell biology and biophysics
Mar 8 Kirone Mallick CEA, France The asymmetric exclusion process: a paradigm for non-equilibrium statistical physics
Mar 7 Niklas Beisert Albert Einstein Institute, Germany Integrability in Gauge and String Theory
Feb 27 Debashis Ghoshal HRI, Allahabad p-Stringy discretisation of the string worldsheet
Feb 20 K. Sridhar TIFR From Strings to LHC: A Summary
Feb 13 M. Parrinello ETH Zurich New Electronic Structure Methods
Jan 23 Satya N. Majumdar University of Paris Largest Eigenvalue of a Random Matrix
Jan 9 Rajat K. Bhaduri McMaster University, Canada Ultra-cold Fermionic atoms with tunable interactions : A density functional perspective
Dec 8 Subir Sarkar Oxford What have we learnt about inflation from WMAP?
Dec 5 Subroto Mukerjee Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA Spinor condensates: Topological defects, the superfluid transition and coarsening dynamics
Nov 7 George Chapline Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA Information Storage in a Quantum Critical Layer
Oct 31 Vijay Shenoy Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore Patterns in Soft Thin Films
Sep 26 Pankaj Joshi TIFR Gravitational Collapse
Oct 17 Anandamohan Ghosh TIFR Random Trimer Tilings
Sep 5 Punyabrata Pradhan TIFR Probability distribution of residence times of grains in sandpile models
Aug 29 Rajiv Singh University of California, Davis Triangular Lattice Antiferromagnet
Aug 23 Sriram Shastry University of California, Santa Cruz Quantum Integrable systems: Where do they all come from?
Aug 1 Ribhu Kaul Harvard Univ. Spectroscopy of the Kondo Problem in a Box
Jul 25 Subir Das Univ. of Maryland Critical Dynamics in Fluids: Verifying Theory through Simulations
Jul 18 Sudhir Vempati Ecole Polytechnique -CPHT, France Massive Neutrinos and Supersymmetry at LHC
Apr 4 Abhijit Bandyopadhyay TIFR Determination of the parameters of the solar model using measurements of solar neutrino fluxes
Mar 31 Arvind Rajaraman Univ. of California, Irvin The Phenomenology of Superweakly Interacting Dark Matter
Mar 21 Amol Dighe TIFR Looking at the supernova shock in neutrinos
Feb 7 Avinash Dhar TIFR Bosonization of Non-relativistic Fermions and Applications
Jan 31 Rishikesh Vaidya TIFR b --> s + gamma and its distant cousin
Jan 24 Prashanth Jaikumar Argonne National Lab. From Quarks to Stars: Nucleosynthesis in the Cosmos
Jan 23 David Kosower Saclay, Paris From Twistors to Complete QCD Amplitudes
Jan 10 Juergen Kurths Potsdam University Synchronization: A Universal Concept in Nonlinear Sciences
Jan 4 Ashvin Vishwanath University of California, Berkeley Thermoelectric transport near pair breaking quantum phase transition out of d-wave superconductivity
Dec 27 Srubabati Goswami HRI, Allahabad and T. U. Munchen, Germany Neutrino Oscillations : Aspects and Prospects
Dec 29 Giovanni Landi University of Trieste Noncommutative instantons from twisted conformal symmetries
Dec 22 Rohini Godbole IISc, Bangalore Supersymmetry and Invisible Higgs
Dec 13 Sumanta Tewari University of Maryland Living in dimensions lower than meets the eye: Sliding phases in classical and quantum statistical mechanics
Nov 22 T. Padmanabhan IUCAA, Pune Horizons and/of Gravity
Nov 8 Joel L. Lebowitz Rutgers University Non-equilibrium Stationary States
Oct 25 Kevin Goldstein TIFR Non-SUSY blackhole attractors
Oct 18 Amit Chattopadhyay University of Warwick A Biological Model of Flagellar Motion
Sep 13 Nilmani Mathur Jefferson Lab, USA Hadronic Physics from Lattice QCD : Status and Outlook
Sep 6 Partha Konar TIFR Discrimination of Supersymmetry from Large Extra Dimensions at Colliders
Aug 30 Abhishek Dhar Raman Research Institute, Bangalore Nonequilibrium thermodynamics of small systems
Aug 19 Indranil Paul CEA, France Magnetic Quantum Criticality in Heavy-Fermions
Aug 16 Kumar Rao TIFR Large Extra Dimensional Models with a Minimal Length Scale
Aug 9 Jainendra Jain Penn State University Topological fermions in condensed matter physics
Jun 14 Vikram Tripathi University of Cambridge Kondo effect in nearly ferromagnetic metals
Jun 7 Anjan Joshipura PRL, Ahmedabad Leptonic Mixing: An Overview
May 10 Rajesh Gopakumar HRI, Allahabad From Spacetime to Worldsheet
May 3 Atish Dabholkar TIFR Going Beyond Bekenstein and Hawking -- Black Hole Entropy in --> -- String Theory
Apr 26 Satya Majumdar Univ. of Paris, France Condensation in Real Space
Apr 19 Arun K. Pati Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar What is Quantum Information?
Apr 5 D.P. Roy TIFR Solar Neutrino Oscillation
Mar 29 V. Ravindran HRI, Allahabad Importance of QCD at TeV Colliders
Mar 22 Mahendra Verma IIT Kanpur Patterns and Intermittency Through Energy Transfers
Mar 15 Arnaud Dartois Ecole Polytechnique The Height-Arrow Model of Self-organized criticality
Feb 4 Timothy Hallman BNL The Search for Quark-Gluon Plasma Formation in Relativistic Nucleus-Nucleus Collisions
Jan 18 Mahendra Khandkar TIFR Orientational ordering of hard rods in 2-D
Jan 11 Mark Bowick Syracuse University Order on Curved Surfaces: Scars in Sphereland
Jan 4 Amitava Datta Jadavpur University New upper bounds on masses of supersymmetric particles
Dec 17 Lov Grover Lucent Technologies, Bell Labs. Simple statements should have simple proofs
Dec 9 Rajarshi Ray TIFR Phase transition and QCD
Nov 19 Probir Roy TIFR Neutrinos from Extra Dimensions
Nov 2 Arun Paramekanti University of Toronto Cooking electrons: Transition to zero resistance in a microwave driven 2D electron gas
Nov 1 Pierre Coullet Institut Non-Lineaire de Nice and the Institut Universitaire de France The historical developments of the Science of Motion: Geometry, Determinism and Randomness
Oct 29 Shiraz Minwalla TIFR Black Holes in Yang Mills Theories
Oct 8 Prasanta Kumar Tripathy TIFR Flux Compactifications in String Theory
Sep 27 Saumen Datta Univ. of Bielefeld, Germany Charmonia in a deconfined gluonic plasma
Sep 24 S.M. Roy TIFR Phase Space For Qubits
Sep 3 Sumedha TIFR Efficiency of a Monte-Carlo algorithm for linear and branched polymers
Aug 13 Manu Mathur SNBNCBS, Kolkata Harmonic Oscillator Prepotentials in SU(2) Lattice Gauge Theory
Aug 6 Prashanth Jaikumar McGill University The many phases of cold dense quark matter
Jul 30 Bulbul Chakraborty Brandeis University Critical dynamics in a funnel-shaped landscape: a Landau-type theory of the glass transition
Jul 23 Gunter M. Schutz Institut fur Festkorperforschung (Theorie II), Forschungszentrum Julich Recent Progress on driven diffusive systems with two species of particles
Jul 9 P.K. Kabir University of Virginia Spinor Harmonics: Application to Problems Old & New
Jul 2 Rajiv Singh University of California, Davis Excitation Spectra in Quantum Magnetism: Looking Beyond Quasiparticles
Jun 11 Sujit Sarkar Weizmann Institute of Science Elementary excitations of dimerized spin-leg ledder systems
Jun 4 Norihiro Iizuka TIFR Strings and Black Holes from the Matrix
Mar 25 Thirumala Raya Halemane Penn State University My Experiments in Theoretical Physics
Feb 13 Sreedhar B. Dutta TIFR Phase transitions in periodically driven macroscopic systems
Feb 5 Serge Aubry CEA-Saclay, Laboratoire Leon Brillouin, France Discrete Breathers : Review and some problems
Jan 30 Kishore Kapale Texas A & M University Approach to molecular physics through correlated two-center orbitals
Jan 5 Ashvin Vishwanath Massachusetts Institute of Technology Landau Forbidden Phase Transitions and Emergent Photons in Quantum Antiferromagnets
Sep 26 Kumar Rao TIFR Finite Temperature Induced Fermion Number
Sep 23 Mathew Headrick TIFR Progress in Closed String Tachyon Condensation
Sep 19 Krishnendu Sengupta Yale University, USA Edge states in unconventional superconductors
Sep 12 D.P. Roy TIFR Higgs and SUSY Searches at LHC : An Overview
Sep 5 Vijay A. Singh IIT, Kanpur Semiconductor Quantum Dots : Theory and Phenomenology theory
Aug 29 Shiraz Minwalla Harvard University A Hagedorn transition in weakly coupled Yang-Mills theory
Aug 22 Kavita Jain TIFR Infinite aggregate formation in nonequilibrium, disordered systems
Aug 1 Jainendra Jain Pennsylvania State University Re-emergence of fractional statistics in the fractional quantum Hall effect
Jun 27 Ayse Erzan Istanbul Technical University Biologically motivated problems in Statistical Mechanics
Jun 20 N.D. Hari Dass Institute of Mathematical Sciences The statistical significance of single quantum states
Mar 28 Janos Kertesz Budapest Institute of Technology Econophysics: Introduction and some results
Feb 21 Xavier G. Viennot CNRS, Bordeaux, France Lorentzian quantum gravity and heaps of pieces
Feb 7 Sourendu Gupta TIFR Why the answer is 42
Jan 24 Prasanta Kumar Tripathy TIFR Supersymmetric String Compactifications
Jan 10 Justin Raj David ASICTP, Trieste Instabilities in String theory
Dec 12 Bhargavi Srinivasan Laboratoire de Physique Quantique, Universite Paul Sabatier, France Transition to an insulating phase in the disordered, attractive Hubbard model
Dec 6 Jean-Yves Ollitrault Saclay, France Collective flow in heavy ion collisions from Lee-Yang zeroes
Nov 29 Shailesh Chandrasekharan Duke University Fermions: Can We Tame them with Loops?
Nov 22 Alok Kumar Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar String Theory in Plane-wave background
Nov 1 Prabal K. Maiti California Institute of Technology Multiscale modeling of soft-matter systems
Sep 20 C. Henley Cornell University, U.S.A. In pursuit of the long-range order due to quantum fluctuations in highly frustrated antiferromagnets
Sep 27 P.K. Mohanty TIFR Activity in Sandpiles Propagates Like a Critical Infection
Sep 13 Joris Raeymaekers TIFR Tachyon condensation and string field theory
Sep 6 Sonali Tamhankar Indiana University, USA Lattice Study of Heavy Baryon Semileptonic Form Factor
Aug 2 H.R. Krishnamurthy IISc Bangalore Effective Medium Theories for Quantum Manybody Dynamics
Jul 26 Biswajoy Brahmachari SINP, Kolkata A scenario of supersymmetric grand unification, neutrino mass and leptogenesis
Jul 12 A.M.M. Pruisken University of Amsterdam The theta vacuum at large N: instantons, theta renormalization, the quantum Hall effect and all that
Jul 5 N.D. Hari Dass Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai An elementary scalar at all scales
Jun 21 Anjan Joshipura PRL, Ahmedabad Neutrinos and supersymmetry
May 17 Anish Sarkar ISI, New Delhi A Model of Drainage Networks
May 10 Arvind Guru Nanak Dev Univ. Invariant squeezing and pair-coherent states
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Mar 15 Amol Dighe Max-Planck-Inst. fur Physik, Munich, Germany Neutrinos: the mundane, the exotic and the catastrophic
Mar 5 B. Sriram Shastry Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore What do dynamical conservation Laws do for us? and why 3-dimensions precludes accidental degeneracies
Mar 1 T.V.Ramakrishnan Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore Understanding the Strange Properties of Colossal Magnetoresistance Manganites: Ideas and a Model
Feb 27 Avinash Khare Institute of Physics, Bhubaneswar Linear Superposition for Nonlinear Equations, New Identities for Jacobi Elliptic functions and a Model for Metal-Insulator Transition
Feb 22 N.G. Deshpande Univ. of Oregon, USA Pheonomenological implications of Noncommuting gauge theories
Jan 11 Shiraz Minwalla Harvard University Noncommutative Geometry in String Theory
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Dec 21 R. Shankar Yale University FQHE for Dummies
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Nov 16 Sreedhar Dutta TIFR Flux attachment and Fractional quantum Hall effect
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Aug 10 Pushan Majumdar TIFR Susceptibility and screening masses in QCD
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